1. Referrer: means an active trx2 customer who refers trx2 to a new customer to use the services on a genuine


  1. Referee: means a new trx2 customer who starts using the service by successfully topping up the account.

Simple as 1..2..3!

Think of people who suffer from thinning hair and would enjoy having the benefits that TRX2 provides. You may have somebody specific in mind (e.g., your spouse, a friend or family member) or simply drop an email to your broader circle. Remember TRX2 is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Drop them an email or Facebook message with a personal recommendation. You can do this yourself via your personal email or Facebook accounts, or use our quick and handy applications below to send them messages directly from this page. You can use our standard text (see below) or edit the message to give it a more personal touch.

Instead of email or Facebook, you may use other means of communication, such as other social networks (e.g., Twitter), a phone call or a good old face-to-face conversation about TRX2.

The 5% discount will be applied as “refund” once we successfully match ‘Referrer’ and ‘Referees’.

Important: Make sure that you instruct them to provide your full name as the Referrer in the “Comments” box during checkout on, otherwise we won’t be able to assign your Referee to you as the Referrer (and consequently won’t be able to assign the discount voucher/refund). You will receive your discount voucher within 10 working days, OR, if specifically requested, a refund to your latest order/payment.

Terms and Conditions

Recommend TRX2® to your friends, family and anybody else you can think of. Receive a 10% discount for yourself for sales of bottles or a 50 euro voucher for club membership sales. The Referee receives a 5% discount

Bonus For each bottle sales For each Hair Growth Club Membership sales
For the Referrers 10% discount on next order * Voucher/Refund for 50 euros
For the Referees 5% discount (issued as refund) on first order 5% discount (valid as long as membership is active and in good standing; issued as refund)
* % discount applies to first order payment only. You will receive a 10% discount on your next order or a 50 euro voucher OR, if specifically indicated, an appropriate refund to your latest order or payment. Refund is available only for orders/payments less than 60 days old, otherwise you will receive a discount voucher (valid 9 months from issue date)

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